Weekend Eve

Last Friday we had some good friends over so they could see the progress in our garden.  This Friday the wife and I are going to their house to see what they have done so far.  It ought to be fun.  If I can find enough people here in Lake Charles who are into growing food in the city, It’d be fun to start a little tour of gardens/supper club.

Tommorow and Sunday I’ll be set free from the office and plan to wear myself out digging new beds and planting more seeds.  It’s really refreshing to get out of the office and work with my hands. 

Sometimes I think that if we learn to live more simply, pay things off etc. I could retire early and putter around all of the time, or if I had a little land grow a few crops (we think we would grow berries).  On the other hand, I think a large part of my enjoyment of working with my hands is that most of the time I have to sit at a desk and work.  I can remeber getting sick of the books and the stress in college [Ha! I didn’t know what stress was then and I spend three times as much time studying now] but after a couple months welding rebar or running conduit though pipe racks, and I saw the value of an education.

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  1. That’s great! We started a little garden, too. It’s nice to get out and dig in the dirt. My grandpa (mom’s dad) was an avid gardener…I’m hoping he passed down his green thumb! We don’t have anything yet, but hopefully we’ll get some tomatoes out soon.

  2. Hey Audrey! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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