What am I Eating?

Saturday night we watched Supersize Me, the documentary of a man who went from eating healthy to eating at McDonalds three times a week for a month. The documentary was over the top, had a lot of sensationalism, and was typical journalist hype (Not completely journalist’s fault because that’s what people want to watch). Still, some of the factual information was disturbing and the McDonalds diet was not good for the man. It got me thinking that food is an industry. Human nature is to try to make as much money as possible, and people often cut corners and do things that are not right in the quest for profits. Food is one of those things that affect human beings (and animals) and so it’s a shame that people would cut corners to make a buck when it harms people, but the food industry has a perverse incentive to make as much money as possible regardless of what it does to man and animal. “Maybe it would be a good idea to pack meals when I go on the road” I thought.

Then yesterday I was in the car and heard a story on the news (I thought it was NPR, but it turned out to be a religious station) about genetically engineering animals for increased food production. There was not lot of commentary, but merely clips of people from people who were for and against it. It made me sick at my stomach. While the food industry people (who were for it) droned on in careful speech that sounded like they had plenty to hide, those who were against it talked about how the current breeding and production were bad enough: poultry bred to have such large breasts they were incapable of mating, poultry bred such that they were so large, or their systems so focused on egg production, their frames were on the verge of collapse, disease prone cows and a recent scandal where sick cows were shown being beaten and dragged.

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  1. I’ve been hearing about GMOs a lot more lately…kind of racks my brain to imagine all the trouble it causes.

  2. Mom and Dad had a friend who worked in a chicken processing facility, reached up to grab a chicken and it’s leg came off in his hand! I’ve started doing a lot of research on this stuff, and trying to find ways to eat real food on a tight budget. I’m planing on sharing my finding on the blog A documentary The Man and I found interesting on this topic was King Corn http://www.kingcorn.net/ -we got it through NetFlix.

  3. C and Audrey:

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I think growing our own vegetables is one good way. With a goat and some chickens, a person could do just fine. I’m hoping maybe I can talk my nephews into growing chickens and I’ll buy a dozen or so per month from them.

    Somebody asked me to put info for my heirloom seed place. Here it is:

    Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
    2278 Baker Creek Road
    Mansfield, MO 65704
    Phone(417) 924-8917
    Fax (417) 924-8887

    Mansfield is in Southeast MO where Laura Ingalls-Wilder settled. We have been toying with driving up to see the Wilder Museum and go to one of the festivals. Baker Creek has monthly festivals and an annual planting festival where there is live Bluegrass music, a yodeling cowboy, seeds, plants, displays etc.. It’s a big Old Fashined Bonaza.

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